About us | River space

The Riverspace organization was created 10 years ago when a group of performers met people who know about producing films, theatre performances, songs, and many more. At first, these people only wanted to pursue their own careers as actors, dancers, and singers. But years after doing only what they want, they eventually thought about other things, especially when they see children who like the things they do and who are inspired because of them. Knowing that they motivate these kids, they took the chance they have when they met these production people and collaborated on specific projects. They never thought that simply creating productions together, they will think of creating an organization.

As the Riverspace was established, both teams have found more interesting things to explore with each other. Before they were only engrossed in their own careers and paths to take but with each other, they were able to create more beautiful productions which made them excited to share with other people. Just like before, they were glad to inspire a lot of people especially kids, with their performances. That was when they started to accept new members who were willing to join them and be a part of the small organization.

Time passed by and the group only grew just like their programs, projects, and activities. As much as they created more programs, they also took time to improve everyone’s skills and talents in different fields. They were able to perform in many theatres, stages and held many art exhibits. It was hard because a lot of time and effort were needed in order to create such great programs. But every hardship paid off because they knew they are able to make a lot of people happy and through this organization, they could educate and develop a lot of people.